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Aethiopia lieth throug their kingdome, the guy reapeth far AMiopia work for of the wares you to passe of the, specifically due to the fact kingdome “o big date that Oran try surprized of the Christians.

creator thereof, try very disliked pf their sufferers right up until his perishing big date. of the whose meanes (as well as beforesaid) he was recovered vnto his said kingdome. Whenever Oran try subiect vnto new king off Telensin, the spot thereabout paid off vnto the latest king to have yeerly tribute a while around three thousand, and a bit fower thousand duckats, the most effective region whereof is actually acceptance vnto brand new leaders garde, and to the brand new Arabian soldiers. We haue indeede omitted of several specifics from the dysfunction regarding the judge regarding Telensin : but while they arranged usually with the things hence we reported out of Fez, I haue here enacted them ouer, minimum I should seeme as well tedious vnto your reader.20 Of your towne out of Hubbed. HHHis towne getting manufactured in manner of a castle standeth A good from the a mile and you will an halfe southward regarding Telensin. They containeth store away from populace, who happen to be usually dyers out-of material. Within this towne try buried one SadiBu Average are reputed good kid from singular holines, just who they likes particularly a jesus, ascending vp so you’re able to his memorial of the certaine methods. The following is concurrently a great stately college or university, and an effectuer hospitall to help you entertaine visitors in the ; both that happen to be founded by a king out-of Fez of the ilie https://datingranking.net/tr/parship-inceleme/, whenever i finde filed vpon a certaine marble-stone.21 Of towne of Tefesra.

Afterwards his sonne one been successful your, needed customes and you may tributes while doing so : for which end in becoming expelled off their kingdome from the some one, he was enforced so you’re able to craue aide of your own emperour Charles brand new fift

”His towne standing vpon good plaine fifteene miles regarding Telensin hath higher store out-of smiths therein, because of the Mines out of iron, reason of metal-mines that are around. This new industries

On re also””-e”exact same time Telensin they selfe was created tributarie, that has been euer in advance of a totally free citie : whereupon the fresh new king which was new

adiacent try surpassing fruitfull for corne: while the populace getting generally speaking blacke-smithes is destitute of all the ciuilitie.twenty-two Of your own towne out of Tessela.

Their old towne is actually mainly based by Africans vpon an excellent certaine plaine, extending almost twenty kilometers in length. Right here groweth such as for example abundance regarding excellent corne, as it is almost enough for the entire kingdome out of Telensin. The new people Tone in camping tents, for any houses associated with the towne was destroied, although title remaineth nonetheless. Such plus in times past paide a yeerely tribute vnto the fresh queen off Telensin.23 Of prouince named Beni Rasid.

His region extendeth long off east to western fiftie, and in bredth nearly fiue and you will twentie kilometers. The latest southerne part thereof is plaine soil, however, into the brand new northern it is full of fruitfull mountaines. The inhabitants is actually from 2 types : for almost all ones dwell vpon the brand new mountaines in property out of indifferent a good strengthening: and they imploy themselues within the husbandry and other necessarie affaires. Other people being out-of a more good condition Shade onely vpon the new plaines for the camping tents, there keepe its camels, ponies, or other cattell. He’s molested that have each day inconueniences, and you may spend yeerely tribute vnto the new queen off Telensin. Vpon the latest foresaid mountaines is sundrie villages, one of and this there are two principall, whereof the main one entitled Chalath Haoara, and you will manufactured in a style of a palace vpon the medial side out of a beneficial certaine hill, containeth to the level of fortie resellers and you can artificers houses: the other named Elmo Hascar is the seate of the leaders lieutenant ouer those individuals regions ; along with that it town euery Thursday there is a sector, in which variety from cattell, corne, raisons, figs, and you may honie is going to be sold: right here