So it resulted to good Duel between them, in which Kite effortlessly beaten Shark, using the secret plus the latter’s soul

Shortly after Shark involved acknowledging his future since the a beneficial Barian, he had been emotionally smashed at the thought to become Yuma’s opponent and you can distraught regarding breaking his thread and you can relationship with your. [37] [80] Nevertheless, Shark severed their relationship with Yuma and you may said it was the fate to be foes. However, Yuma did not discover him just like the an adversary, but he was willing to endeavor your to restore their bonds regarding relationship. [30] Since the last occurrence, his relationship that have Yuma is again reformed. Shark, Rio, the previous Barian Emperors, Kite and the Vetrix household members allied which have Yuma again to end an upcoming disaster from the Astral Community.

Astral [ change ]

In the beginning, Shark had no experience in Astral, however, Astral possess admiration to possess Shark’s Dueling enjoy plus the feeling he has got into the Yuma. [9] [13] [19] When the Shark will get had of the an effective “Number” card, Astral and you may Yuma always come in dispute that have Shark and check out to save your on card’s black determine. [25] [45] [50] [94] [95]

A little while anywhere between Shark and you will Yuma to-be friends as well as the Globe Duel Festival, Shark’s discovered regarding Astral’s lifestyle and you will understands essential they are so you’re able to Yuma. [50] [60] Once you understand Shark is actually dependable and you may good-willed, Astral has no trouble enabling him keep “Number 32: Shark Drake” credit within his hands. [53] Following the Duel which have Vector, Shark may now look for and you will tune in to Astral, [27] nevertheless they continue to have absolutely nothing connection with one another.

Immediately after Astral’s theories on the Shark and Rio getting Nash and you may Marin were verified true, he readily approved you to Shark is actually his enemy as he noticed your towards the Barians. [30] Even with beings enemies today, the guy showed matter getting Astral as he attempts to give up himself.

Kite Tenjo [ revise ]

That have heard of the new “Matter Huntsman”, Shark currently realized Kite’s profile, however, officially satisfied your as he eliminated Orbital eight of killing your and necessary one to Shark delivers the latest Emperor’s Key. Shark determined one to Kite was the “Matter Huntsman” along with his objectives for the Yuma, then lied from the having a great “Number” credit. [14] Shark bared an excellent grudge up against Kite since then, and you can appointment again for the Heartland Tower, he was extremely aggressive so you’re able to Kite, whether or not the guy did assist 100 % free him throughout the rubble which had trapped him. not, Kite failed to worry about it as his absolutely nothing brother, Hart, was a student in difficulties and you will told Shark they might have a great rematch after. Just after arguing, both wanted to interact to keep Yuma and you will Hart. [53]

From inside the Duel with Dr. Faker, they create a friendship and proved helpful collectively. [26] [54] [55] Even if Shark retains nothing connection with Kite, they arrive together with her should your Barian Community poses a large sufficient possibilities, even so they often argue having the other. [28] [59] [64] First, Kite refereed in order to Shark by his first title, however, because they were to each other more frequently, the guy began playing with Shark’s nickname exactly as anyone else create. [73]

Even if even with the distinctions, both he and you can Kite tend to be similar, one another carry out what they can be to guard the sisters (Hart and you can Rio) and be somewhat vengeful and you can aggravated that have both are in danger, as well as each other appear to have actually chill and faraway personalities.

Shortly after Shark got sided into Barians just like the Nash, Kite readily recognized which he is actually now their enemy and you may try solved to battle him in the event that he’d to. [83] However, at the time of the last episode, they truly became family and partners once more.