Some of you are considering, “Dad is really a beneficial performer,” while never most grab myself absolutely

But I really want you to find out that you’ve got the chance to know me personally cam most of the Week-end not as you are deserving, however, because it is my providential obligation in the future right here. In the event you know and take pleasure in my value, I come here each week in the interests of posterity, background and you can humanity. Would you pursue?

This new turning point

age have come which far therefore we can also be cross over. The country out-of Korea is within the vital standing during the the worldwide combat communism. Panmunjom ‘s the short town where in fact the representative forces away from Northern and you can Southern Korea, for instance the Un forces, see daily in order to trade verbal abuses. Printed in Chinese letters, Panmunjom signifies a place where opposition satisfy and then try to damage one another. From the switching one to reputation, Bun Munjom, your denote a location in which individuals satisfy and you will get together again, valuing one another. There is absolutely no almost every other input the country particularly Panmunjom, where in actuality the communists in addition to free community talk to one another everyday.

Kim il Sung’s label is short for another: Kim mode gold, Il means sunshine, and you may Sung means victory. The people out-of North Korea phone call him Father. If name Sunrays Myung Moon is created from inside the Chinese emails, Moonlight signifies insights, or perhaps the keyword; Sunshine mode beauty otherwise clarity; Myung mode white. I am prophetic.

No other country try split anywhere between north and south, both sides with a key profile some one call Father. Do you really believe mankind can have a couple of dads? Zero, singular dad ‘s the true that; the other should be a false dad. Have always been We scared of Kim-il Sung? Quite the opposite, he’s scared of me as the the guy understands deep inside you to his signal lies in lays, and he knows that the way it is tend to establish your. Here is the real reason why communism dislikes and you will worries me personally. I have been launching the latest lays and you will deceptions that they has actually already been spreading underneath the security out of dark. But once the brand new white comes and reveals them, they usually have not any longer control over boys.

The latest sovereignty out of heaven

o far, The united states has misunderstood and mistrusted me personally, but when one change, they are going to reach truly value and you can love myself. You to tuning section will bring throughout the last stage. The time can come when American individuals will be, “I can not faith political figures or any other members of strength; but I’m sure I’m able to trust you to definitely son, Reverend Moonlight.” The new sovereignty of every chairman last seven many years within really, nevertheless when people line-up by themselves with me they may be able enjoy the sovereignty away from paradise getting eternity.

People are start to change its perspective, selecting highest philosophy than before. Don’t you imagine my training can motivate individuals to be ideal lawmakers and you will leadership for it country? Fundamentally, there is absolutely no reasons why somebody on understanding of brand new Idea failed to become chairman. For the same reason, I’ve been handling brand new informative community for decades, trying to promote students contained in this nation into the righteousness.

Immediately following enjoying myself, you then become such as for example running-out to accomplish your projects. New smart Western seated here today might imagine, “I would like to figure out what Father will do regarding coming. Due to the fact he’ll feel going to Moscow in the near future, I wish to wade truth be told there now to prepare and lay an effective base for him.” However, be cautious. Never call me “Father” in Moscow; you’ll better just state “Mr. Moon!”

While the free business and you can based Christianity compared me, indemni- ty have to be repaid. Just who will be accountable for your debt sustained when you look at the rejecting brand new Messiah? The united states or Christianity? The latest Unification Church must take obligations when you are regarding Abel condition. Abel must pay the latest indemnity.